Round 2: The this is not gonna work stage

Hi again readers.  This is the stage where i found the 3 step journey to cure diabetes type 1. I was off my mind. I thought i would have to live with this curse my whole life. But i said to myself, i have nothing to lose. What’s a few bucks to try to improve my life? I was uncertain of course. I thought, this is a scam. Im gonna lose money for a false hope. So i just bookmarked the site and left the homepage. I was about to take my insulin one more time. And i simply stopped. Something inside me said, you want a better life. You deserve a better life. The meds are making your head hurt and you can’t eat nothing that you like. This was the stage when my head was screaming for a change. And guess what, i failed to deliver. I took my meds like any other day and just kept going through all the work i had with an awful headache and a crazy desire for an ice cream. Don’t ask me why, but that was on my mind. Was i ready to say goodbye to type 1 diabetes? We’ll find out in the next post. Click the image to find out.


Go see how it happens. I beat it. You can do it too.
Go see how it happens. I beat it. You can do it too.

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