If you let the pain win, you’re letting yourself down.

Hello friends. Im in day 75 meds free. I reversed the synthoms of type 1 diabetes in a completely natural form. Just by following a simple guide. But that’s not what i want to talk about here today. Today im gonna tell you about one situation i’ve been in just before i’ve found a solution that worked to get rid of those awful pains.

It was like any other day. Had to go to work early so i went to bed. I started sweating. Felt tired but i couldn’t sleep. So i started to “walk it off” like they used to tell us in high school. Nothing was working so i went straight for my injection since i supposed that my blood sugar level was going all over the place thought i didn’t recall why.

So i took a sit in the kitchen and silently watched my home from the floor to the roof. Did i wanted to be here like this? Couldn’t sleep. My productivy was below average certain days. So i was losing the battle in at least 2 fronts.

Anyway, i don’t want to bore you with all the specifics of being in pain since i think if you’re readying my blog then you probably went to the same stuff.

You know what i did at 3 AM in the morning that night? I started walking. Yes. My head was burning and i almost couldn’t hold the need to puke. But i walked. All over my neighborhood. Again and again. This was a battle i wasn’t ready to lose. I’ve proposed myself to take at least two walks every night i woke up with pains. That night i completed the first of many trips to happiness. Because i was in control of my body, not the other way around. For the first time since the diagnosis i was feeling free one more time. And you could tell just by looking at my face every morning at work.

Not so good of a storyteller, but i hope you enjoyed this little, lets call it, insipirational history if you allow me to. Bye readers, until the next chapter

BTW, if you wanna check out how i cured type 1 diabetes, be sure to read this post on this same blog

—> 3 steps method to cure diabetes type 1 naturally <—


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