Natural treatment and its advantages

cure type 1 diabetes

Cases of Type 1 Diabetes Which are Caught Early

There are two substances that have been shown in scientific studies to cure type 1 diabetes if it is caught early enough. These two substances are niacinamide and vitamin E. Exactly how soon the diabetes has to be caught is not known. Generally, 80% of the beta cells are dead before the diabetes is caught, so anyone who has been taking insulin for less than about a year should try these two substances immediately.

There were two scientific studies on niacinamide and Type 1 diabetes. In one study, 90% of the newly diagnosed diabetic patients were cured of their diabetes with niacinamide. In another study, 50% of the newly diagnosed diabetes patients were cured of their diabetes with niacinamide. What was the difference in the studies?

The difference was that the newly diagnosed patients in one study (the 90% cure) were not allowed to partake of any dairy products. In the other study the patients were allowed to partake of dairy products.

The results of these two studies makes it ABSOLUTELY CLEAR that the patient must stop taking every possible form of dairy products immediately.


There are two substances that are known to mimic insulin, leading to the need for less insulin. These two items are cinnamon and liquid ionic vanadium.

Taking both of these products can lead to the nearly immediate need for slightly less insulin. While these two substances are not part of the treatment for diabetes, they can be hugely beneficial to the patient during the treatment.

Another supplement that has done well at treating type 1 diabetes is capsaicin. Being a powerful and natural medicine it can do marvels to your blood sugar levels.


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